iFi Audio Pro iDSD DAC DACs iFi Audio
iFi Audio Pro iDSD DAC DACs iFi Audio

iFi Audio Pro iDSD DAC

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The Pro iDSD Digital to Analog Converter Player from iFi AUDIO features a quad-core Burr Brown multibit/DSD hybrid DAC, supporting DSD1024 and PCM 768 kHz. It can be used as a wireless hi-resolution network player as well as a digital to analog converter in a high-end home system. With a variety of XLR balanced inputs and outputs, the player provides an AES/EBU XLR interface to connect to CD transport or DAW Digital Audio Workstations. This system includes Bit-Perfect, Bit-Perfect+, Gibbs Transient Optimised, Apodising, and Transient Aligned filters. The Pro iDSD features a Wi-Fi antenna to be used with the MUZO Player app. It plays audio files by connecting the Pro iDSD to the local Wi-Fi system to stream Spotify, TIDAL, Napster, QQ Music, and more.

Key Features
  • Studio grade DSD1024 remastering (Crysopeia FPGA Digital Engine)
  • Wireless DLNA, Airplay, and Ethernet Hi-Res playback
  • User-selectable analog stage: tube or solid-state
  • Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) playback
  • Global Master Timing femto-grade clock system with external clock input options
  • Fully discrete passive LC analog filtering
  • Zero-jitter memory buffer and galvanic isolation for all inputs
  • Discrete headphone/line amplifier
  • Galvanically isolated ultra-quiet power supply

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