Our Story

Our story begins with a guy who wanted great headphone sound in a time when great headphone sound was scarce.

Our founder Tyll Hertsens was a traveling electron microscope repairman (yes, that was his real job) who found himself in far-flung labs with nothing but music to keep him sane. He tried every headphone he could find but nothing satisfied him.

One day he realized that if he made an amplifier to drive his best set of headphones, it would make them sound better.

HeadRoom was born.

Tyll then started headphone.com in 1992 which was devoted to selling the best headphones on the planet.

These were the prehistoric headphone days before the iPhone.When the best source for high fidelity listeners on the go was a portable CD player.

Then came the iPod and everything changed.

Suddenly everyone had headphones and sought ways to get better sound from their new devices. Headphone.com was already there offering expert advice to listeners discovering the joy of great headphone sound.

The headphone industry exploded and headphone.com rode the wave.

Audiophiles seeking a sanctuary of knowledgeable headphone advice and top-shelf products propelled the business forward and a new industry of online headphone sales was born.

A stream of innovative HeadRoom Audio products debuted along with an array of better and better headphones from makers all over the world. A headphone enthusiast community coalesced and everything was great.

The small Headphone.com splash started in 1992 turned into a lake - which eventually grew into today’s sea of headphone choices.

Tyll went his own way (check out innerfidelity.com) but remains near and dear, always providing true friendship and knowing insight. 

In April 2018, HeadRoom CEO Jamey Warren and the HeadRoom crew decided they wanted to get back to their roots of designing great audio gear. It was time to find a new home for headphone.com.

Jamey got in touch with Andrew and Taron Lissimore, two passionate brothers who have dedicated themselves to helping people experience the joy of great sound. The Lissimore's connected with the history of headphone.com and decided they were the right team to take the story to its next chapter.

We remain intensely committed to bringing you the best in the headphone world with genuine product reviews, top-shelf curated products, and great information.