Campfire Audio Andromeda Headphones Campfire Audio
Campfire Audio Andromeda Headphones Campfire Audio
Campfire Audio Andromeda Headphones Campfire Audio
Campfire Audio Andromeda Headphones Campfire Audio
Campfire Audio Andromeda Headphones Campfire Audio

Campfire Audio Andromeda

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As of April 25th, 2019, the Campfire Audio Andromeda ships with brand new accessories. While the beloved Andromeda tuning has not been touched, Ken Ball and his team at Campfire Audio have made a few Quality of Life changes to the Andromeda accessories. The Andromeda now ships with a premium green leather protective zipper case that is handmade in Portugal which is a great update. Luxurious leather surrounds a substantial and protective rubber barrier that ensures that your earphones will remain safe while in transit. The interior is a dense faux wool lining that preserves the anodized finish of your earphones.

However, the biggest improvement in our opinion is Campfire Audio's new "Smoky Jacket" Litz Cable. Campfire audio took their silver plated copper litz cable and tangle resistant weave and made it even better by adding the smoky jacket. Why is it better? The new Smoky Jacket Litz cable has a formed ear hook instead of that pesky memory wire. That means that it's as simple as putting the Andromeda's in your ear and and wrapping them over the top. No more dealing with the memory wire that never seemed to sit right and provided friction in all the wrong places. We always said that the Andromeda is one of the best values you can get in IEMs above the $1k mark and with the new changes, the Andromeda still remains among the top.

Our Take: The Campfire Audio Andromeda was already our favorite in-ear monitor in its price bracket (and many price brackets above it) and that does not change with the latest accessories update. In fact, with the exclusion of memory wire on the cable, the Andromeda has become even better which we did not think was possible. Delivering a spacious sound, sparkling highs, clear mids and just the right amount of low-end, there is a reason the Andromeda is one of the most recommended IEMs out there.

The Andromeda from Campfire Audio is a top-notch in-ear monitor that provides something different in a market that has been relatively stagnant for quite some time. The Andromedas provides a rich, detailed sound with an expansive soundstage. The Andromeda integrates 5 balanced armature drivers with a tubeless resonator box inside of its vibrant, green machined aluminum enclosure. Vocals are tremendous with the Andromedas while hearing the high-hat sparkle in your favorite song for the first time will truly leave you speechless. The only place the Andromedas are a little lacking is in the bass department. Although they do have a nice, punchy bass but if you are looking for a little more oompf in that regard, we would recommend the Campfire Audio Vega.

The Andromedas come with a fantastic detachable cable and a myriad of ear tips so there be no issues with fit. In fact, out of all the universal in-ear monitors out there, the Andromeda ranks near the top in terms of fit and comfort in our personal opinion. It also comes with a great-looking leather case for your portable needs.

The hype around the Campfire Audio Andromedas is huge and is very justified. We can’t wait to see what Campfire Audio comes up with next!

* is very pleased to announce that you have even more options to pay for your Campfire Audio Andromeda in-ear headphones! Now when you hit the Pay with Crypto button, you have the option to pay with currencies such as NANO, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and more! We are very excited to able to give you these options now and for the future!*

Frequency Response
10Hz–28 kHz
112.8 dB SPL/mW
12.8 Ohms @ 1kHz
  • Campfire Audio Andromeda In-Ear Monitor headphones
  • Premium Campfire Audio Leather Earphone Case. Made in Portugal.
  • Campfire Audio Smoky Jacket Litz Cable – Silver Plated Copper Conductors with Berylium Copper MMCX and 3.5mm Stereo Plug.
  • Final Audio Tips (xs/s/m/l/xl)
  • Campfire Audio Marshmallow Tips (s/m/l)
  • Silicon Earphone Tips (s/m/l)
  • Campfire Audio Lapel Pin
  • Cleaning Tool
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