Campfire Audio Polaris Headphones Campfire Audio
Campfire Audio Polaris Headphones Campfire Audio
Campfire Audio Polaris Headphones Campfire Audio
Campfire Audio Polaris Headphones Campfire Audio

Campfire Audio Polaris 2

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On April 25th of 2019, Campfire Audio announced the all-new updated Campfire Audio Polaris In-Ear Monitor Headphones. While the Polaris retains the hybrid design of the older version, everything else about the Polaris is new and improved, including the Polaris' finish and a brand new tuning. Instead of the gorgeous blue on the front and the weird black on the back, the Polaris if sporting a a full Cerulean Blue Anodized finish this time around along with a black stainless steel spout. To go along with the Polaris' new look, it also ships with Campfire Audio's brand new blue leather protective case and their memory wire free Smoky Jacket Litz cable. Best of all, the Polaris is now $499 instead of it's original $599 price tag.

The Polaris has always had arguably the most fun tuning out of Campfire Audio's entire lineup and that remains with the updated Polaris 2. Although the Polaris 2 has a different tuning then the original Polaris, Campfire Audio describes the Polaris as having a bombastic sound that is ideal for modern day music and which is very much so along the same lines as the original Polaris. The largest complaint about the original Polaris was the recessed mid-range and the new tuning of the Polaris 2 fixes that while maintaining it's impactful bass and sparkling highs. The Polaris 2 has deep, rich bass and sparkling highs that always leave a smile on your face. The Polaris 2 doesn't have the regular audiophile tuning (look to the Campfire Audio Andromeda for that) and that is perfectly OK with us. If you're looking for reference tuning, stay away from the Polaris 2. But if you are looking for a fun IEM with plenty of impactful bass and highs that make female vocals shine, the Polaris is right up your alley.

Inside the Polaris

The Polaris 2 features 2 proprietary acoustic technologies from Campfire Audio. The first is their Tuned Acoustic Acoustic Expansion Chamber (T.A.E.C.™) which allows Campfire to get rid of the tradition "tube and damper" system and works in tandem with a single Balanced Armature Driver. Instead, they have a 3-D printed chamber that allows them to acoustically tune the Polaris without compression. As a result, high frequencies are extended and open, providing an unmatched sonic quality unique to Campfire Audio earphones.

Second is the Polarity Tuned Chamber™ which combines with a 9.2mm dynamic driver to handle the lows and the mids. Like the T.A.E.C.™, the Polarity Tuned Chamber™ is also 3-D printed and is placed in front and behind the dynamic driver which gives Campfire Audio free reign to optimize the performance of the driver. This opens up the sound and gives the driver an effortless power that must be heard to be appreciated.

With the Polaris 2, Andromeda and the new IO, Ken Ball and his team and Campfire Audio have proven once again that they listen to their customers. The memory wire that caused so many issues is gone. The Ceratoke Black finish on the Polaris is gone and replaced with the all around Cerulean Blue finish that is absolutely striking. We never heard any complaints about the cases and they still went and updated them as well! The team at Campfire Audio cares and the new and improved Polaris proves that.

* is very pleased to announce that you have even more options to pay for your Campfire Audio Polaris 2 in-ear headphones! Now when you hit the Pay with Crypto button, you have the option to pay with currencies such as NANO, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and more! We are very excited to able to give you these options now and for the future!*

Frequency Response
Sensitivity @ 1k
105 dB SPL/mW
17 Ohms @ 1kHz
  • Campfire Audio Polaris In-Ear Monitor headphones
  • Premium Campfire Audio Leather Earphone Case. Made in Portugal.
  • Campfire Audio Smoky Jacket Litz Cable – Silver Plated Copper Conductors with Berylium Copper MMCX and 3.5mm Stereo Plug.
  • Final Audio Tips (xs/s/m/l/xl)
  • Campfire Audio Marshmallow Tips (s/m/l)
  • Silicon Earphone Tips (s/m/l)
  • Campfire Audio Lapel Pin
  • Cleaning Tool