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Information resources for the ESS Sabre DAC.

In the process of preparing the manual and product information for our new Ultra Desktop Digital to Analog Converter, we realized that we wouldn't be able to fully explain the working of the ESS 9008 Sabre DAC inside. Why? In part, because it was so complicated we worried about confusing readers, but also because this DAC is so complex that, while we could design a great environment for the chip to live in, we could only partly understand its inner workings.  It seems ESS --- rightfully worried about other companies figuring out what they're doing --- has apparently obfuscated the product info in an effort to confuse competitors. None the less, in scouring the web for information we have located a goodly number of ESS Sabre DAC resources and thought you might want to do some detective work on your own. Enjoy, good luck, and don't forget to bring your calculator, numbers theory book, and pocket protector. Sabre ESS9008 References: Product Page Spec Sheet Data Sheet Technical Notes Application Notes Patent and other related patents DAC Comparisons DIY AUdio Thread Stereophile Blog Post Lecture Slides on DAC Technologies

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