A Review of Four Compact Open Headphones: Sennheiser PX 100-II; Sennheiser HD 238; Koss Porta Pro; and Grado SR60i.

Frequency Response data shows how similar these headphones are. Nobody expected this kind of hair-splitting session when they walked into the lab, but evaluating four of the best small open headphones proved quite a challenge for all the listeners involved ... and brought us to some unexpected conclusions.
We'd just received the Sennheiser PX 100-II and its sealed counterpart the Sennheiser PX 200-II that replaced the previous models. Both new models sounded quite good out of the box, so we decided it was a good opportunity to test them against similar compact headphones. We've already published our test of the PX 200-II and other small sealed headphones, in this series of posts we'll try to shed some light on the PX 100-II, and three other similar type/price headphones: the Sennheiser HD 238, the Koss 25th Anniversary Edition Porta Pro, and the Grado SR60i.
These are all open headphones (which means that they don't isolate you from outside noise), but because open designs don't have an enclosure behind the headphone's driver they tend to sound better than closed/sealed designs. So all these headphones are quite good sounding, but you need to have a fairly quiet listening environment in which to enjoy them.The typical application would be general use around the home or office, but the compact size of some of these cans make them useful as a portable headphone as long as you won't be listening in noisy areas.
Let's start with the least expensive of the group, the Koss 25th Anniversary Edition Porta Pro ---->>>

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