Part 2: A Review of the Best Cheap iPod In-Ear Headphones - Skullcandy Smokin' Buds

Oh, the grief we've gotten from headphone audiophiles for carrying Skullcandy headphones! You see it's just so very hard for the headphone enthusiasts to like a headphone that's so far from reference grade, I suppose, but they do have their redeeming characteristics ... especially for young kids.
[caption id="" align="alignright" width="198" caption="The Smokin' Buds come in numerous color combinations, both with and without microphones for use as cellphone headsets."]The Smokin Buds come in numerous color combinations, both with and without microphones for use as cellphone headsets.[/caption] The Smokin' Buds are an all-plastic in-ear headphone that comes in a variety of vivid color combinations that the kids will love.  These colorful little cans are available either as a headset with an in-line microphone for use with cellphones, or as headphones only with an in-line volume control that allows easy access to your volume preference. The inner housing is hard plastic; the strain relief and ear tip are a soft pliable rubber. Ear-tips come in three sizes to ensure a good fit, and there is a slider/keeper on the cable that will allow you to run the cables over the top of your ears and snug-up the cable behind your head for a secure fit.
[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="298" caption="The frequency response of the Smokin' Buds shows fairly big bass and rolled off highs."]The frequency response of the Smokin Buds shows fairly big bass and rolled off highs.[/caption]The sound of these headphones are just okay. The sound is fairly muffled with significant high frequency roll-off --- so they leave a lot to be desired. Unfortunately you'll have to spend about $15 more to really get significantly better sound. But there's a rose among the thorns here and quite an important one. Young kids can play their headphones far too loud, and the pop music many of them listen to can often be over compressed, resulting in a glaring and harsh sound. These little cans are quite rolled off in the high frequencies, and when your youngster turns the music up too loud they will be a little gentler on their ears due to the muted high frequencies.  There's no substitute for good parenting and you should help your child be aware that turning the music up too loud could be damaging to their ears, but why not stack the deck a bit in your favor. I like these cans. They're fun, and the kids will like them.
Please visit HeadRoom’s website to purchase your Skullcand Smokin' Buds with our Best Price Guarantee. On to the Skullcandy Titans------> First page of this review is here.

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