KRK Systems Now at HeadRoom

One of our big missions at the HeadRoom fort is to seek out cool headphones lurking in the shadows and bring them to the attention of headphone lovers everywhere. So to kick off 2011, our first wonderful "discovery" is the KRK Systems cans delivering superb tonal accuracy and robust musical performance at great prices. The entry-level KNS 6400 model competes beautifully against all other cans found at that magic $99 mark and, in fact, blows most of them away in overall clarity and detail. But it's the KNS 8400 that has us spouting words like "phenomenal punch", "clear as a Montana sunny day" and "hell ya!" to anyone within earshot. Expressly designed for monitoring applications where ambient noise isolation and sound quality go hand in hand, the KRK cans also make fabulous personal listening headphones for your iPad, computer or MP3 player. Excellent audio specs notwithstanding, its rare that we find such an engaging musical presentation that galvanizes our entire staff, so it's a sure bet we'll be talking about (and recommending) these cans plenty in the near future. The KRK Systems monitor speakers have been the toast of pro audio geeks and studio producers for decades and we're overjoyed that they've decided to bring the same caliber of execution and performance to the headphone category -- Welcome, KRK! Check out the KRK headphones at

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