Packaging Headphones Like A Boss


A big part of the headphone world these days is the style and the marketing that come along with a great pair of cans. For some of these companies, the look and feel of opening the package is as important as the headphone itself. Honestly I feel that there's a level of satisfaction that reaches any consumer when they see the attention to detail and the complete thought that goes into a product's packaging. There are some great threads on Head-Fi about who is the best (my own feelings on the word "best" aside), and of course the design junkies over at NeatDesigns put together an incredible list of Headphone Packaging designs last year. We've had most of these in the shop, with the Marshals and the Aviators being a couple of my personal favorites. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="200"] The AKG K550 Packaging[/caption] Of course, there are many models not even mentioned in this article that also have the best headphone packing we've seen. V-Moda has some amazing packaging and carrying case design, as well as a few AKG models... headphones like the K550 come to mind. Of course, style is personal, and we can't forget classy packaging like that found with the Fostex TH-900, Sennheiser HD 800, or the Ultrasone Edition 10. I personally find something special about the full size top-opening box format. Takes me back to that feeling the first time I opened my HD 600's. Anyways, make sure you head on over to NeatDesigns and see their full article on Super Awesome Headphone Packaging Designs! We'll see you back here soon.

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