No, we do not sell Beats by Dre.

We’re just two brothers who love headphones and want to share that love with the world.

We think great sound is one of the few pleasures in life you can experience whenever you feel like it - as long as you have the right setup.

We want you to experience sound that completely blows you away. That means saying no to a brand that controls 25% of the headphone market and saying yes to companies who build incredible products.

Our business is built on 5 principles:

  1. We will beat any advertised price by 2% (including Amazon)

    • To be an authorized dealer of the brands we carry, we must agree to a “Minimum Advertised Price” policy. This means there is a minimum price we can advertise for each product. We will always strive to have the lowest price we can, but if you find a lower price out there we will beat it by 2%. There are a few occasions when a deal is so good we can’t match it. If that’s the case, we’ll let you know to buy it from our competitor.

  2. We will provide fast shipping that is always free

    • Shipping is free on every product in the store. There are some accessory items that need to be bundled as “add-ons” to an order, but they will be obvious.

  3. We will curate the best products available

    • If a product gets bad reviews from our customers, we drop it.

      • We always wondered why our competitors carried so many horribly made products. It’s usually one of these reasons:

        • The product has a HUGE markup, so the store makes a lot of money selling it (think certain audio cable brands)
        • The product sells a ton because of great marketing (think Beats Headphones).
      • We decided to only sell products that customers consistently love. We want you to feel great about your purchase from us, not only today but years from now.
  4. We will go to ridiculous lengths to make our customers happy

    • If you don’t love your purchase from headphones.com, you have 365 DAYS!!! to send it back for a full refund with our exclusive “365 Days of Incredible Sound Guarantee!”

  5. We will have the most well-designed store in the industry

    • We continually invest in making our store the nicest looking, easiest to use audio store online. We want to make sure that shopping at headphones.com is a pleasure.

    • If you have any suggestions that would improve your experience on our site send them to info@headphones.com if we use your suggestion, we’ll send you a $50 gift card towards anything in the store.