Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth is the dominant wireless transmission method for smartphones, laptops and tablets due to its ease of use, solid transmission range and steadily improving audio quality.

Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Bluetooth is a widely used wireless audio technology that employs short-length radio waves to allow wire-free connection of various portable audio devices.

A few years ago, audio nerds like ourselves would have totally shunned the idea of Bluetooth music. Nowadays, Bluetooth has evolved into a very good convenient wireless transmission method and is currently the most popular wireless approach for headphone applications like exercise, running or travel. Basically every modern smartphone now offers Bluetooth connectivity of some sort.

Although its getting better-sounding all the time with implementation of the Apt X 'lossless' codec and recent Bluetooth 4.2 updates, Bluetooth maintains a fairly limited transmission range distance averaging around 10-15 meters. The new Bluetooth 5.0 scheme just arrived in December 2016 so the future bodes well for improved Bluetooth headphone audio coming soon.

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