Customer Comments

Our Customers Love Personalized Service and Advice They Receive from HeadRoom.

"I called a few other companies first and the customer service from your company was by far the best!  I will definitely recommend you to family and friends."

- A Happy HeadRoom Customer 


"A week ago I bought the Sennheiser Momentum at your Bozeman store when I was in Montana visiting my daughter who lives in Big Sky. Today, a week later, back in my New Jersey home, I received them, plugged them into my Headroom Mico Headroom Amp, and WOW. Can't get anything done today but listen. Close or equal to my $10,000 Adams speakers.  Thanks HeadRoom and thanks to the salesman who was friendly and informative. Don't know his name, but he is the one with the doo rag on his head in the website picture."

"This is a message for all of you, but especially for Mike in repairs. You said that you would try to get it back to me before Christmas, I was a little doubtful, but you did. WOWOWOWOW. Thanks. A very satisfied customer from Calgary."

"Just a note to compliment the EXCELLENT site that you guys run. I'm an iPod-aholic and an audiophile and view your site as the primary and dominant site for quality infomation on cans. You guys are the best...please keep up the good work."

"About a year ago I purchases a set of the Sennheiser HD580's, with the headroom total bithead amp, and everyday when I put on my cans I am amped (no pun intended) by the sound quality. I had ordered them over the phone and the service was nuts. The wealth of knowledge and laid back attitude of the staff was awesome I recently (10 minutes ago) placed an order for the Ulitimate Ears 5 IEM so I can bring my tunes to the gym.(the 580's may look a little crazy pumpin; iron in the gym!) I know coming from you guys that I am going to be totally stoked on them. Being a college student, I am inherently poor, and I found the's on ebay for cheaper but I said "hell no! Headroom is the MAN!" so thats why I am getting them from you. You put in all this crazy time into your site and I know if anything goes wrong I am in awesome hands with the coolest people in the world!!! Tomorrow is Monday, and I know people get a serious "case of the Mondays" (from the movie office space, if you have not seen it watch it!!!) and I just wanted to start your guys week off with some praise about how stoked I am and maybe make you guys smile a bit. Thanks!!! "

"I expect that often your e-mail consists of someone’s grief over something gone wrong. This one is different.I’m a relative newcomer to the world of “Head Phones”. But, already, I’m proud and pleased I’ve found something this unique, individualistic and pleasurable to associate myself with and cheerfully spend my money on. I have followed your firm’s participation on Head-Fi and I’ve even admired several of your posts. You guys truly “get it”! Before I retired from a Dept. of the Army civilian job I took a course in something called Six-Sigma (you can Google General Electric and Six-Sigma). I just want to say that you and your colleagues at Head Room all act as if you were Green Belts in Six-Sigma; something of which you can feel justly proud! I received notice yesterday evening around 5:00pm that you had shipped my package and just a few minutes ago FedEx dropped it on my doorstep. Wow!Priced right, well packaged, supremely well documented, wicked fast shipping; you make your customers really feel pampered! Your credentials are self-documented on your website and in your participation on Head-Fi and you back it up with your business practices. This isn’t my first purchase from you folks and it certainly won’t be my last. You can color me convinced and a walking unpaid advertisement for you and your business model! You have a really great TEAM!"

"Hi There,I just love HeadRoom! I NEVER make a purchase of headphones and other similar items unless I first consult information on your website (and I generally end up making the purchase with you:-) Thanks!"

"I thought I would send a note of appreciation on my recent dealings with Headroom. I haven't had a decent set of headphones for over 30 years and when I decided to look into getting a set I was really disappointed while researching info to make my decision. Things have changes so much since the 70's. When I stumbled upon your site, I was amazed by the wealth of information, real information, and advice that you have put together. No manufacturer's marketing blurbs and "Blah Blah Blah" text that was cut and pasted into product descriptions. The information was well laid out and easy to find. When I finally made my decision to purchase a pair of Sennheiser 595, I placed my order online and hit the enter key. Subsequently I read your recommendation to purchase the wired 1/4" to 1/8" Grado adapter to reduce the stress on the 1/8" connector so I decided to phone customer support to see if it could be included. I don't remember the lady's name that helped me but I was very impressed with her response to "adding a piece" to my order after the fact. No problem, "I'll look after it for you". I live in Canada, had them shipped to a friend in Massachusetts, and just picked them up. They are truly amazing, just as headroom described them. I can only imagine what the top end headphones with a high end headphone amp must sound like. It is rare in these times to find a company that really does care about the products they sell and the customers who purchase them. A high quality company with high quality products, people, and most of all service. It was a pleasure to deal with you and I will spread the word."

"It sounds weird to say this, but you guys might be the best consumer site on the net, period. No bullshit, passionate staff, great prices, great amps, and superb reviews. I'm certainly not in the habit of thanking companies after I order something, this is a first. I wish there was a site like yours for every market. Thanks!"

"Dear HeadRoom, Just a short note to say that I am very happy with my first purchase from HeadRoom. I purchased a clearance Sennheiser product. The headphones were reasonably priced, arrived in the as-described condition (like new) and in a prompt manner. Your sales associate was courteous and helpful. In short, your honesty and professionalism has made me a customer for life, and I happily tell my friends about your company."

"I purchased a Total Bithead from you earlier this year. I have to say that after nearly constant use, I'm terribly satisfied. It's wonderful. Not only does it make my headphones sound fantastic, the DAC onboard is vastly superior to the external Soundblaster Live I had previously used (and still use for recording). As a result, the same old computer speakers I've used for years sound fantastic as well! Marvelous! I wasn't sure which of the e-mails to send this to, but I figured sales was the most applicable. I can't even imagine how a better amp/headphone combo must sound! I hope that someday when I'm not a poor college student you guys are still around. I look and drool at the high-end amps, one of which will be mine eventually! Thanks for doing what you do."

"I just wanted to say a hearty THANK YOU for the frequency response graph (in addition to the other mountain of great stuff) on your site. I was about to buy some UE headphones after the painful treble response of my Shure E2C's, thanks to your information I won't make that mistake - it seems the Ultimate Ears have an even higher response in the most painful range. Thanks again, you guys are **stars**"

"Thanks very much for such personal and up-to-date response on your billing and shipping process. I'm recommending your site to all my audiophile and musician friends. Also, thank you for the unbiased reviews of the products on your site. They are a huge help in digging through the mire of misinformation that is rampant on the web."

"Hey all, Just wanted to thank you for the excellent customer service I received. I purchased the Shure SE310 after reading Tyll Hertsens recommendation of them on Headfi. Well, let me back up a bit. Originally I was going to by the D-jays, but they were out of stock. And i'm glad they were. The SE310 is just an amazing set of cans. Have used them now for about a month and I am nothing but impressed. Having owned many iems before I did not expect these to equal some of the more expensive models, such as the UM2 and SuperFi 5Pro. But they more than equaled these iem's, they surpassed them. Remarkable balance, and I do not find them shallow in the base as Tyll hinted at. Anyway, a truly happy customer hear and hope to do business with you again."

"I just thought I'd drop you guys there at Headroom a note and let you know how much I am thrilled by the Total BitHead that I ordered. Recently, you see, my monitor died. I had to get a new one, and that meant an LCD to replace my trusty old CRT. What, you ask, does this have to do with a Total BitHead? All the good LCDs are the new widescreen format. The computer I use for my desktop (rather than as one of the servers) is an old laptop which does not support the video modes needed by the new monitors. I really didn't want to have to buy a new computer because my monitor died. So, I tried Linux, instead of the venerable Windows 2000 this machine came with. I've run Linux on all my servers for a while, and used to use it on desktops, but had given up. Linux was able to get the strange, wide video mode the monitor needed! And it looked sharp doing it. Except... the sound didn't work right. It sort of worked. Except for the horrible scratchiness, and that it would skip and judder if the machine were doing anything. Answer: Don't use the lousy built-in sound any more! USB sound to the rescue, and I knew *just* the USB sound I wanted: The Total BitHead. I got it. I spent just a few minutes with Google to figure out how to set it up, and got it working under Linux. It sounds fantastic, or as good as the Ogg files I'm playing on it can sound. Blissful. I didn't realize how awful the sound card in this computer was. I'll never go back. I have an older Total Airhead amp, the prior, three-battery kind. I know what a difference it makes to a CD player, adding the crossfeed and boosting weak signals to drive quality headphones. I'm sure this will be just as remarkable there, and I know I'll put it to good use. So, thank you! You've brought excellent sound to me in another place, and I don't have to buy a new computer now! I can continue to use my old reliable. It's wonderful! I've been happy with everything I've bought from you. Your sales staff led me to some excellent headphones (Sennheiser HD555's) and the AirHead and Total BitHead are sources of audio bliss. When I need another boost to my audio world, I know where I'll go next. Thanks, Headroom!"

"While surfing the ends of the internet in search for a great price for ultimate ear earphones, the pro model. I found this site had the best "pictures" The pictures where the best part because they showed exactly what your getting including the box. The reason this is important is because upgrades come in different packaging sometimes, as was the case for this particular product. The red box is the newest package, meaning the earphones come with improved cables, the green packaging was before the upgrade. Most sites don't mention , nor take pictures of the contexts "exactly" just a vague discription and a lame picture. This site has great pictures, and replica human head is awesome because it makes the consumer, myself, picture what it would look like on me. I think personally out of all the sites I've been on researching, this one had the best information and the best pictures which made for a rather easy check out!"

"Thanks folks; super service! Now, why can't my bank here, "deliver" in such a snappy way? Why can't my Government here, work like that? Why can't my wife, set up breakfast like this? Can't you guys at least, solve all the world's problems, instead of just making all folks smart enough to buy your stuff, just walk around with headphones, and a foolish smile on their faces? Kindest regards from a loyal, and appreciative guy, in Sunny Barbados!"

"Very responsive phone service, quick, curtious, and prompt. also, the pricing is very awesome. I'm definatly recommending all my friends buy off your website. comprehensive reviews, and detailed information. two thumbs up"

"These guys are just great. I get their newsletter and find it to be both entertaining and informative. I'm not quite as big a nut as some of their customers, but that said I've spent over 700.00 bucks with them and take my listening very serious. They are the type of company and shopping cart online experience that I wish others would follow."

"I have nothing but good experiences with Headroom. I have called several times for advise prior to purchases and each time they were helpful and wanted to make sure I made the right choice in headphones. I would buy there again and recommend to others."

"Always very impressed with purchases received, customer service, and fast & imformative shipping. I highly recommend the products from this company. Also, satisfied with the pleasant experience of doing business with them."

"Amazingly fast delivery to Canada. Cheaper options might be nice however for those with more patience. Very happy with the Bithead so far. Would certainly consider Headroom again for unique or competitively priced items."

"I actually found the product elsewhere on the net with a faster delivery time and also cheaper, but I preferred to deal with HeadRoom because the customer service has been so good. This is the second product I've bought from them. I'm quite delighted with the detailed and considered advice they give in response to my questions. I actually wound up buying a more expensive piece than what I had enquired about initially."

"I'm very happy with the headphones I ordered and was impressed with the way in which the headphones were presented on the website. I have suggested your site to many of my friends, and thank you for shipping to FPO/APO addresses. Being stationed overseas, it is sometimes frustrating to find a product I want but then the company refuses to ship to a Navy Ship. Thank you so much. You have made my current deployment much more enjoyable."

"Very good site, great selection, very good product description, and great prompt customer service response to a couple of e-mailed questions concerning the earphones I finally bought. This purchase was my second, as my first set of earphones were broken by accident, I came straight back to Headroom, no need to look for alternate suppliers."

"HeadRoom has what you can't find anyplace else. Website is easy to navigate, and easy to make purchases. Great website, great service, which only enhances the great products that they have."

"I very much appreciate the full refund offered if the new cable does not correct the problem I'm having with my headphones. Even if the new cable does not work, I will buy my next headphones from Headroom."

"I spoke to two different people at Head Room while gathering information about the purchase. Both were extremely friendly, knowledgeable about their products, and not at all pushy in their approach. There was one other on-line vendor who had the same product at a lower price, but I went with Head Room instead because their sale staff were so knowledgeable and customer-friendly. It was worth the extra dollars to me to support such a vendor (versus a big, impersonal online vendor), and I feel confident that, if any sort of problem arises, Head Room will work with me to make things right."

"I have been a professional record producer for many years working in some of the worlds most exotic studios. One of the most important aspects to making records or even enjoying music is being able to trust that what you're listening to is accurate and an honest reproduction of what was intended at the time of its creation. Obviously, no speaker or headphone is ever perfect, but as a lover of superb audio, there is always the constant struggle to find the best technology has to offer. Enter HEADROOM. I have had the pleasure of listening to their incredible modules and I am happy to say, they have all blown me away! My first experience was in the Micro series. I couldn't believe what I was hearing coming out of my computer. Even MP3's started to sparkle again gaining much needed proportion, clarity and definition. The system is small, easy to use and a must for the serious listener both at home or on the go. Just the Micro amp alone coupled with your iPod or MP3 player will put a huge smile on your face. The same is true for the exotic desktop modules as well. It is like someone opened the curtain to expose what was really inside!! Great job've made it fun to listen anywhere, anytime." David Kershenbaum

"Items arrived two days after order, rather than the predicted two to four weeks. Product is, to say the least, outstanding. Perhaps the most valuable facet of the Micro Amp is the detail it provides, allowing me to easily detect shifts and bow changes in violin recordings that were never evident without the amp. My congratulations on your formation of such a fine and dependable company."

"The initial purchase experience was the best of online shopping. I was also please by the accessibility of the knowledgeable sales staff by telephone. I had a final question, which he cleared up promptly, and I was able to place my order. Highly satisfactory experience."

"I am extremely pleased with the unit, which is beautifully engineered and turns in an excellent performance which, judging by the improvement in sound over just one listening session, will get better as the components 'burn in'. I am also impressed by the speed of the shipping process. So, full marks to Headroom! I can see myself working my way through all your products and enjoying the improvements in performance at each step."

"Easy Easy Easy! Such a nice experience to order and get the item in 2 days! Easy to track the status and a wealth of information about each item! Thank You"

"I just wanted to write and say that the service of your company was excellent and exceeded all of my expectations. The item arrived much sooner than promised and the product review was right on the money. Your website was beautifully constructed and easy to use. Thanks for a great online buying experience, and keep up the good work. I have recommended your site to all of my friends, and I look forward to shopping at your online store again."

"They have a great website with actual product reviews that make sense to the buyer. I mailed them and got response from Jamey who was very helpful and went beyond what i asked him to help me. The checkout was very easy. They are extremely high in my credibility ratings. I chose not to go with another online vendor who was giving me the same headphones for $69. That alone should speak a lot. :)"

"Actually I would like to take this opportunity in advance of receipt to thank you and all at Headroom that have endured my queries and idiosyncrasies over these past months while I picked your very large and well informed brains. Whatever profit your company makes in no way compensates for the time you and all of your staff have taken with me to help me make the right choice get a free education (and a few chuckles). Rest assured that is a very strong foundation for customer loyalty. While I have no doubt my E500's are best of breed and something I shall enjoy for years to come. They still have a long way to go to match the quality the people at Headroom. In fact my E500's and can only be enhanced in their overall quality and performance (at a Karmic level) for having passed through your happy and helpful hands."

"Thank you for the great shopping experience. Your prices were extremely competitive and your sales team was great to work with when I had questions. Not to mention your 30-day guarantee!"

"Someone recommended HeadRoom to me, and I have continued to be extremely pleased with their information and ease of ordering from their website. I have also recommended them to several people. This is one of the best, most informative, easiest sites I have ever worked with, and the people are exceptionally helpful as well, when I have called."

"HeadRoom were extremely gratious throughout this process, and offered to send me a new Total Airhead. Furthermore, when I told them of my upcoming trip to Europe and my wish to have the Airhead for that journey, they shipped the unit on FedEx overnight at no charge to me."

"I'm very imressed with Headroom's level of expertise in suggesting headphones for various applications"

"Called as I had question prior to ordering. Salesperson very knowledgeable and helpful. First item received in 3 days! Second item that was out of stock was shipped FedEx overnight with no charge or notice! I received it within a week. Incredible!! A+ merchant in the old style of customer service. Website is also very informative."

“I also appreciate the service you offer. It's nice to pick up the phone and speak to a human being, especially someone who actually knows what they're talking about. A lot of other companies good learn a thing or two about customer service from Headroom Corporation. Thanks again for a great experience.”

"You guys are dangerous. I've never encountered a Web site (or, for that matter, a live salesperson) that gave authoritative advice about its wares (even if it was sometimes negative), and had a sense of humor to boot.”

“I today's world of over businessed, please hold for the next...., point and click, press 5 for Bulgarian, company's out there, it is so nice to call a company, have a real person answer the phone and take care of you. My upgrade from AirHead to Total AirHead was incredibly smooth and quick. A real big Thanx!!"

“In any event, I'd like to thank you and your staff for great service, a wonderful product, and a reasonable price. You folks at HeadRoom are first rate and I always send anyone serious about quality sound to your web site. A very satisfied customer!"

"Thanks guys and gals, I am very much enamoured with my new headphones. With four relatively small children in the house it is a wonder what a little isolation can do for the soul."

“Thanks again for providing listening enthusiasts such as myself such industry leading products and even more importantly industry leading customer service and support."

“Again thank you for making and selling such wonderful products. The company is definitely on my top ten websites to visit and would recommend it to anyone without a second thought."

"I used to call the company when Tyll often answered the phone and sometimes had time to speak a bit. I'm sure the company has grown a bit since then and I'm glad it did. I always like the company and the concept of it. What I truly like about your site, your company, you guys is that I know that I'll get an honest evaluation of products...whether you guys make the product or not."

"I just wanted to compliment you on the performance of your company in fulfilling my recent order. Please pass on my thanks to the folks in your customer-service chain. If my experience is a fair guide, you've really got a first-rate team and I hope that I will have the opportunity to do business with you again."

"The product was well priced, available and received as advertized - no hassles or games, wish other orders were as easy."

"A while ago I ordered a pair of Sennheiser HD495's from your website only to have them re-routed, then misplaced, then outright lost by FedEx (because my company uses FedEx a lot, I know this is a rare occurence). Expecting to have to track down and convince FedEx that they had given the box to the wrong address and should reimburse the cost, the people I called at your company offered to simply replace the headphones without me even making the suggestion! No hassles, no questions asked, no additional charge. I normally don't write retailers to say that I've been really impressed with a company's response to a problem like this, but in your case I really was. For whatever cost you incurred by sending along an extra pair of headphones, you've earned a lifetime customer and I'll certainly be referring friends."

“I wanted to write you this letter to let you know for a fact that it was the excellent content and objective writing on your website that sold me. Rather than all the marketing drivel you see on most sites, this one downloaded fast and was packed with content over fluff.”

“The quality of the gear is top notch, and I would not hesitate to purchase from HeadRoom in the future. I'm extremely satisfied with the way my order was processed. I wanted a pair of headphones, and HeadRoom gave me information on which headphones were both high quality and not extremely expensive. I placed my order, and had a new pair of headphones in a couple days. That's how it's supposed to work."

“I think Headroom's greatest strength is that they make a lot of good information available to customers, especially when it is likely to lead to people buying lower-priced things. Sure, they could talk up their higher-priced amps in a more tempting way, and they do talk them up appropriately, but they make it clear that most people who are not audiophiles will be perfectly happy with a decent set of headphones, or a set of headphones and a lower-priced amp. I've ordered twice, and had good experiences with their honesty and decency. When buying audio equipment that I cannot ever have heard, that is essential."

“Thank you! FANTASTIC service!!! I ordered on a Sunday in the late afternoon and the product was at my door before lunch on Tuesday!!! All this at a price lower than all others. TEN THUMBS-UP to HeadRoom.”

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that what you're doing is not only working, it's helping. People curious about quality, interested in sonic performance, or just looking for another way to listen to that which makes our life more find a wealth of knowledge and terrific, complimentary products in the same place. I've recommended several friends, and will continue to do so any time someone wants to know a great way to listen to great music. Thanks for what you're doing, and keep it up!”

“It's clear that the folks at HeadRoom know what they are talking about. Not many merchants put in as much effort as HeadRoom does to review and explain each product and give advice on how to choose.”

“Without question the best On-line experience I've had. Web site is informative, product line is excellent and shipping was affordable (no hidden handeling charges) and VERY fast. I have recommended these people to friends and WILL use them again! Thank you, John (I am not associated in any way - I am REALLY this happy!)”

Very fast shipment, and it was fun to trace its progress from Montana to Tennessee to France to Germany to here! Not even 5 days from ordering to delivery in a different continent; that is really something."

”And I was prepared to be pleasantly surprised. Instead, I was completely flabbergasted! What such a little thing, the size of a pack of cards, can do! So far, I have listened to 3 CDs, from rock to classical. All of them were a revelation; I heard things I had never heard before. Such detail, such accuracy!”

“First, congrats on a solidly-designed, easy-to-use, and incredible informative website. I started out just shopping for a pair of headphones, I didn't realize I would be getting an education as well! …Again, thanks for providing a fantastic source of information.”

“I read the "customer comments" - there's nothing I could really add- your website is a gas, the products are fabulous, and the music in my life is so much more enjoyable. Nonetheless...girlfriend (a non-geek) got absolutely glassy-eyed for over an hour the first time she put them 14yo son is plotting my assassination... I'll probably have to get a real day-job to buy them their own...and a monster Blockhead/superCans for me....sigh there goes the down-payment on the new motorcycle”

“I don’t normally write follow-up E-mails but my experience was so good that I thought you should know. These days many people just don’t take the time to say “thanks”. You have earned all of my future business and I will recommend your company without hesitation to anyone interested.”

“I recommend you Web site to people who are looking for accesories to compliment their MP3 players. Thanks for the good information. Just wanted to let you know that someone who uses your products at work thinks they're worth every penny.”

“There seem to be fewer and fewer companies these days with quality and standards as high as HeadRoom. My experience with HeadRoom was both informative and fully satisfactory. On top of it all, I got a kick-ass pair of headphones, shipped lightening speed to my front door for a great price! Thanks again. You can count on me for some future business!”

“I received the replacements today, which turned out to be a pair of the comparably-priced 6Isolators. I guess Mario heard me mention that I was using the earphones with my iPod and made the switch. Either way, I'm was very pleasantly suprised and delighted. Through the entire process it has been a pleasure doing business with you guys. Your reviews, prices, shipping, support, and return system were very efficient. I would highly recommend you to any of my friends who are considering a headphone purchase.”

“As an audiophile since middle school and a music fan since birth, I just wanted to thank you and your crew for allowing beautiful music to reach the ears of those who cannot afford to spend a gajillion on a first-class system. If music is the answer than Headroom is the educator.”

“In every way my experience with HeadRoom was excellent. The information was great, the delivery was quick, a great price and most of all, the HD 600 where exactly what I was looking for and true to every comment on your web site.”

“I couldn't be happier with the experiences I've had with your company. Your products and services are the real deal, and to top it all you guys have the good sense to live in the beautiful state of Montana.“

“First, let me say that I really like your products and company. The fact that you review and recommend products from other companies indicates confidence in your products as well as integrity.”

“... you post good photos of your headphones so customers can see what they look like. This matters to some people because you don't want to look like a dork when you are wearing your headphones at work :) Also seeing your product helps people get over buying from a .com because we can see what we are getting.”

“Well done on your superb service - international delivery within 5 days of placing my order is THE BEST I have ever experienced in 6 years of doing online business.”

"Your site is seriously kick ass! It is very intuitive, and TONS of information along with a great looking design. It is so rare that I run across a site that after I’ve browsed for a few minutes I wonder where the time has gone. Please keep up the great work.”

Headphone Comments
Just wanted to let you know that my Yuin Pk1's showed up early two days early from FedEx. I was a bit nervous about spending so much money on a set of earbuds, but took the risk figuring Headroom would not steer me wrong. I have to say that these really delivered on the expectations. They are every bit as nice as any other high end cans I currently own. They are a best in class and cannot be compared to any other earbud. Thanks, and as always I am a satisfied Headroom customer!

Last week, I ordered a pair of b-stock Shure e2c's . What I hadn't mentioned when I first contact you is that I've been in the hifi industry and have quite a bit of experience. I owned a high end cable and passive preamp company that I sold a couple of years ago and it later went out of business. It's not often in the hifi world that anyone would give personal attention to a $50 b-stock purchase, but that is what I received from you. I was already impressed before the fedex box arrived mid-day today. I decided on these headphones because I have a family now and can't listen to my full-sized rigs nearly as often as I had in the past. I am also traveling quite a bit with my new business. I wanted a headphone that was ultra-portable and isolated well for me to use while traveling as well as sound decent on garbage sources. I've had grado's and Sennheiser HD600's in the past. In my full-sized system, I have had everything from Lowther and Klipsch horns driven by SETs to electrostats to b&w 800 series and Von Schweikerts driven by SS or P/P tubes. Testing cable and preamp designs, I gained an accuity to the system and find a lot of flaws unlistenable when I'm just trying to enjoy the music. This has been the case with my HD600's and a low quality source. I felt the published characteristics of the Shure's would fit my mid-fi need and at $50, I couldn't pass them up! The information you publish with the graph comparisons were the reason I was able to come to this decision and now that I have the phones, I know it was the right one. I ran them in for about 4 hours before listening, and have to admit that I am qute impressed. They are a bit dark sounding, which is exactly what I was expecting. They resolve better than I had expected and though they seem to be driven easily by all of the sources I've tried so far, I can't wait to have them fully broken in with even the bithead amp driving them. I'm hoping my ear canals get used to the intrusion :-)

"I'm just writing to tell you how heart-warmingly impressed I have been by both product[Etymotics] I have just received and the excellent customer service that brought the whole transaction into existence. The product itself is outstanding. I have read countless customer reviews regarding the Ety's and they all raved about them. I began to worry that I might expect too much, but when I plugged myself in I realised there was no possible way that I could have expected such an enhanced listening experience. As people have said before, I began to discover parts of the music that I just couldn't hear before. I don't just mean detail or frequency range, but actual guitar lines and vocal parts that previous headphones just couldn't convey. Shit... I've only listened to them for twenty minutes and It's changed the way I see certain pieces of music that I've been close to for years!”

"I purchased a pair of Etymotic ER-6's from your website and couldn't be more pleased with your service and the sound quality of these phones. I'm in sonic heaven. Just thought you should know I would definitely use your service again, and am totally thrilled with my purchase."

“I've been plugged into the ER4P's since they arrived and I love them. I must say I'm equally impressed with the personal customer care given to me. Thank you for such a wonderful shopping experience!"

“Thank you so much for putting a pair of Sennheiser HD600's on my head (and at the best price anywhere). I took your advice to use a headphone amp (a Musical Fidelity X-CanV2) and have been flabbergasted at the detail and the pure joy of listening. I was amazed to find that, particularly with solo guitar recordings, I frequently hear the artist's BREATHING (and this is at normal volume levels).”

Headphone Amp Comments
"Just received this little gem last night. It's excellent! I listen to classical and jazz exclusively, and it is making my work day much more enjoyable."
"Received my Micro DAC . Man what a wonderful little marvel of engineering. I’m simply wow-ed by it. Again, Thank you for such a wonderful product!"

“The electronics of your headphone amp are superior in every way and brings out details that I never knew existed. I’m sure that you get commentary similar to mine all the time and this is just another one of many. It’s very seldom that I am impressed with a product to the point of composing an email of this type, but felt compelled to give a well deserved praise. Again, thanks for a wonderful product. It is a tremendous contribution to the audiophile world."

“After further study I decided to take the plunge and buy your Micro Amp and Micro DAC . Well... if I could pat myself on the back I would! My first impression was just how beautifully crafted these little babies were. Every detail... and I noticed them all, was perfect. And the quality of the chosen components is superb. So... how did they sound? If any people out there doubt that these are just not expensive enough to be considered true audiophile devices, they will be sorely mistaken. I think this will certainly be most evident when they listen to the pristine audio that envelopes you Right Between Your Ears! What a truly excellent product. I must add that the folks at HeadRoom are very courteous, and provided me with service that was prompt, friendly and professional.”

“Snazzy, however, does not begin to describe the wonderful sound. The sound reproduction of the Total Airhead had a sense of complete effortlessness, regardless of volume level. It allowed me to relax into the music even more. My one hour train ride is once again, musical bliss. I arrive home refreshed and that hasn't hurt my family life one bit! Thanks for standing behind your products."

"What an amazing difference with this little Total Airhead plugged into my Soul CD/MP3 player. Actually, the reason I bought the Total Airhead amp was because of your wonderful web site. It has such a potpourri of audio ideas and equipment, and I thought any company that would put up such a wonderful web site just had to sell wonderful products. And you do.”

“You probably get this all the time, but I feel compelled to tell you that I just received a new Total Airhead and I'm blown away at how good it is - and I say that believing that it'll only get better as it gets burned in.”

“The Total AirHead works great! I've used it on my iPod with several different pairs of headphones whilst burning in the unit, and it improves the sound of all of them. Excellent service also”

"I just received my Total Airhead 4.5v for use with my ER4S'. Coupled with my Sony D-EJ925, I am one happy, happy boy. I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for your assistance and advise in assembling my portable system. I noticed that I also got a line-to-amp cable that matches my Ety's with my order so if that was an extra nice touch, I surely appreciate it."

“And when I travel, the TAH/ER4P/Airbag (NJB Version) will still be my portable system of choice. I don’t believe for such a compact package there is a better sounding system. But my remaining portable listening pleasure has improved to an unbelievable level with my new Cosmic and HD600 combination!”

“upgrading to the Total Airhead has been disastrous! The sound is so luscious and transparent, the noise floor so low, and the overall system so intoxicating, that I can’t get any work done. Anyway, it’s going to take serious effort from here on to get any work done with the new amp. All I can say is: WOW! By the way, our upgrade offer to previous owners of the Airhead was great. I was looking at other amps – just for curiosity – but when the offer was made, I jumped on it and won’t look back. You have truly made a loyal customer, because of your consideration for your consumers. Thanks!"

“When I'm doing paperwork at the end of a long day at work, I listen to a Creative Labs Nomad Zen through the Total BitHead with Sennheiser HD 590s (HD 600s at home), and the sound is absoutely astounding. The presence, clarity and spaciousness totally "knocks my socks off" every time. I can't believe I'm listening to something about the size of two packs of cigarettes (none for me, thanks), that still sounds more exciting than anything I've ever heard previously (outside of a live performance), and being a musician, I consider myself a bit of a conoisseur when it comes to sound quality.”

"I recently placed an order, and received it very promptly. Ok, so you have heard that many a times. So why am I emailing you cause these products ROCK! I just purchased the Cosmic amp & ER-4S package , as well as the Sennheiser HD 600 w/ Clou Red Jaspis package. I thought the ER-4S were really good and especially better with the Cosmic amp. Boy, the HD 600 are even better than I could ever have imagined. Big time WOW factor. Talking about ear candy!”

"...unfortunate as it may be, music through the airhead and akg K501 headphones is infinitaltey superior to my B&W DM 301 speakers and Marantz SE Amp. The ability to listen to music with a true soundstage (is that a real audio term?) was worth the cost alone, I emerge refreshed and critical sadly enough efter listening to a track on my headphones. I want to experience the same on my HiFi , but can not.”

“I received the Etys about 2 weeks ago and was satisfied with what I heard. I'd been looking for quality headphones for sometime and heard about Etymotic. They are by far the best that I'd found and I was happy with them. However, on blind faith, my co-worker said "Buy the Airhead ". So I did. It arrived today during lunch. OH MY GOD!!!! I am so absolutely and totally impressed with this little machine that, within 1 hour, I have absolutely no idea how I could have listened to 30 years worth of music without it.”

”Hey man! I would like to thank you personally for the recommendations. As you can see, I took advantage of your incredible saving on the Bithead and Sennheiser HD 555. I could not be ANY MORE PLEASED with the quality of both products. I extensively researched both products before sending my order to you. I asked several high end users and sellers about what you had told me. Your thorough, but brief expenation held true to everbody I talked to and the reviewes of your product and the HD555 were 100% positive. I just received my shipment today and...I am shocked at the quality of both products. You said what you ment and ment what you guys know how to run a business. Thank you for the most amazing listening experience I have ever had and the quick expanation of my problem”

“Since I got the Max last week I've been in Stereo Heaven! I'm up late every night and early every morning listening to the big symphonic works I couldn't listen to on the speakers.”

“The Maxed Out Home and HD600 combination has exceeded all my extremely high expectations and gave me an appreciation for music I’ve never experienced before.”

"I bought a Max + HD600 from you several years ago (you called an 'Audiot' system guys must have a nice place to work). That's still one of the best buys in my hobby you might infer from the contents of this order. If you need a testimonial from a satisfied customer, list me!"

HeadRoom Bag Comments

"You guys ROCK! I bought a Mini Bag and it's PERFECT! Keep on trucking!"

Accessory Comments
"The line-out adapter arrived today and I am forever in your debt for recommending it. There is major improvement with the ipod + headphones and really serious improvement using the ipod through the stereo.Thanks again for your attention.