HeadRoom's Mission Statement

HeadRoom is all about a sanctuary for personal listening. We do a variety of things to provide a safe haven for people interested in getting great sound into their headspace:

We carefully develop a product line by finding or designing & building audio gear that delivers excellent reproduction of the subtle art of music and film sonics. Then we actively advocate this state-of-the-art gear for personal listening by spreading the word as widely as possible about the great products available so that as many people as humanly possible get an opportunity to experience superb headphone audio. 

With that principle foremost in our mind, we provide a welcome refuge for people who are investigating which headphones or amplifiers to buy. People often tell us what a joy it is to read honest -- sometimes brutally so -- reviews of many of the headphone products available on the marketplace.

We also provide customers with a great deal of confidence and comfort when they buy products from us with our no-questions-asked 30-day satisfaction guaranty. Just return the product in 'as-new' condition and you’ll receive a full purchase price refund. It's really that simple.

We also provide security for audio manufacturers willing to invest heavily in producing high-quality headphone products by being completely honest and objective in our product evaluations. Manufacturers know if they make a headphone that sounds great and measures well it will be favorably reviewed, and will likely sell very well on our website and elsewhere.

And, although you don’t get to personally experience it first-hand, we work very, very hard to make sure all HeadRoom employees have a comfortable and secure workplace that welcomes each and every person for who they really are inside. HeadRoom always places our employees first on the sanctuary totem pole and we feel you'll easily pick up on that when you speak to any of our ultra-knowledgeable, helpful, and honestly friendly staff. We focus here on gaining from each others' strengths, and we forgive & help each other when we happen to be weak. We acknowledge that our work supports our life -- not the other way around -- and when our children are sick or have their Show n'Tell play at school, we welcome an employee's absence to attend. And when that wonderfully fluffy Montana snow flies steep n' deep, we know the shop will likely be empty of the skiers/boarders and that they’ll soon be back with thighs aching, longing for a seat at their desk with well-recreated hearts & minds ready for work!