International Customers Ships Internationally via UPS 'Worldwide Expedited' Air Courier

Due to manufacturer restrictions, we are limited in what we can ship outside of the United States. Please call us to find out if the item(s) you are interested in can be shipped internationally. The following are exceptions to this policy (some restrictions apply for these destinations):

  • Puerto Rico
  • US Military addresses (i.e. APO and FPO addresses)
  • Locations that use a US Postal ZIP Code, such as Guam, The Virgin Islands, etc.
  • Call Us at (800) 828-8184 for more information.

**HeadRoom international shipping costs are for actual UPS mailing ONLY and do NOT reflect additional expected cross-border duty fees, added taxes, customs VAT charges, additional UPS customs brokerage fees, electronic product international importation fees, and/or foreign government importation taxes. These additional surcharge fees are not part of our own HeadRoom international shipping charges. Consult your government customs office or local UPS center to ask about your country's importation taxes, brokerage fees and cross-border shipping surcharges (if any) expected on your international shipment upon arrival at your destination.

We reserve the right to restrict/limit shipping locations at our sole HeadRoom discretion, and may notify you at any time of international shipping restrictions.




UPS International Air Delivery: Our international carrier is UPS 'Worldwide Expedited' courier service. We utilize International UPS Air delivery exclusively*. UPS Air maintains an excellent package tracking system as well as being a highly reliable, rapid worldwide delivery service. We do NOT ship internationally or to Canada via UPS Ground, FedEX, or DHL services.

*USPS Mail Shipping: USPS International Mail shipping is available upon customer request only for limited items. USPS International Mail & USPS Canada Mail package tracking is NOT AVAILABLE and international packages are NOT insurable if selecting USPS Mail. All orders requesting USPS Mail delivery must send an email release to stating acceptance of these untraced, un-tracked, un-insured USPS mailing terms. All lost, stolen, or mis-delivered HeadRoom packages will not be refunded under ANY circumstances.

International Mailing / Shipping Costs: Typical international UPS or USPS shipping costs run anywhere from $40-$150, depending on the distance of your country to the USA, whether you are in an urban or rural area, the particular country you reside in, and the package weight + size. To find out your expected shipping cost, add the items you want to the online order cart and enter your exact mailing address, or call us at 406-587-9466 for a quote.

Official Customs Declaration: It is illegal for HeadRoom Corporation / to 'under-declare'  the actual value of any product(s) shipped internationally. This rule is NOT flexible under any circumstances. So please don't ask our staff to mark your overseas or international package as a "gift", "sample", as an unauthorized "repair", or as a lower-priced or discounted item -- we simply just can't do it according to the law.

Returning or Exchanging International Shipments: International customers remain 100% responsible for ALL shipping charges & customs taxes even if you decide to return or exchange your HeadRoom ~ package. We do not refund UPS shipping charges, UPS brokerage fees, VAT taxes, or international importation taxes under any circumstances!