Headset Headphones with Microphones

Headset Headphones Allow You to Pause Your Music and Answer Calls Seamlessly. Best of All, You Don't Have to Compromise on Sound Quality.

Also known by some as 'headset' headphones, this fast-growing category offers full telecommunication ability with built-in microphones and remote control buttons on the cable that allow easy switching between your music and phone calls. Mic'd headphones are available in all types including in-ear, full-size and wireless designs. Although universally-compatible smartphone headphones are now starting to appear, keep in mind many mic'd headphones are only compatible with either Android or Apple products.

A headset headphone is simply any headphone with a built-in microphone for voice communications. Headphones with mics are typically designed to let you listen to music and talk on your phone or tablet, most commonly used with iPhone, iPad, Android and other smartphones and tablets.  Some headset mics have 3 buttons (most commonly for Apple devices) that allow for pause/forward/play controls, among other things.  Most headsets for Android have 1 button to simply pause your media and take a call.   Exact functionality depends on the headphone model and your particular phone, as does compatibility between the headset and device.

Headset Types: Headsets can be found on many different headphone styles, including in-ear, on-ear, over-ear and even neckband and earclip styles.  Some wireless Bluetooth headsets are available, and even a top-of-the-line 'mono' single-earpiece headset.  There are also some in-line microphones on a cable that can be added to an existing headphone. Gaming headsets are more commonly full-size headphones with a boom-style microphone attached to the headphone.  Read our Gaming Headphones Guide for specific gaming headphone and gaming headset recommendations. Call center headsets are typically mono, featuring one single earpiece, and are strictly for voice applications with poor musical performance. Here at HeadRoom, we stock mainly stereo (individual left/right earpieces) headset models capable of both excellent music reproduction and full telephony.