On Ear Headphones

Aah, On Ear Headphones... Basically, the warm bread-and-butter of the headphone category! Also known as 'earpad' headphones,  this type of headphone offers a wide variety of listening uses, styles and applications.

  • On ear headphones are lighter and smaller than Over Ear headphones and come in many varied designs.
  • On ear headphones can be either open-back or closed-back (aka 'sealed') types.
  • On ear headphones will typically fit directly on the outer part of the earlobes for most wearers.

If you’re looking for a headphone that’s travel friendly, for active uses, or simply a great bang-for-the-buck value, there are likely several on-ear headphones perfect for your needs. It's a vast category with tons of choices!

  • On ear headphones can sound nearly as good as full size models and they're often offered at more affordable prices.  

  • Many on ear headphones fold or collapse for transit and come with travel cases, allowing easy portability.

  • Some on ear headphones come equipped with built-in mics for smartphone and tablet users.  

  • On ear headphones are typically excellent for active use or for all-day wearing at work or school due to their light weight and good comfort.

*BIG TIP*: The key to finding the ideal on-ear headphone is to obtain a stable secure fit on the head. The headphones should sit squarely on the outer part of the ear and cover the ear opening completely. The proper ergonomic fit of on-ear / earpad headphones will play a huge role in the overall sound quality performance and isolation ability of the headphone.