Wireless Headphones

Wireless Headphones are excellent for smartphone, tablet and laptop users who want the ability to listen cord-free.  They can also be nice around the home and office, and for particular activities like exercise, running or watching TV.

Wireless headphones provide freedom to roam without being tied down by cables, and can be in-ear, over-the-ear or on-ear types. Wireless technologies are getting better sounding all the time, but sometimes you may pay a bit more for wireless headphones compared to their wired counterpart.

  • Bluetooth is probably the most common wireless transmission for smartphones and tablets. Bluetooth audio quality is steadily improving and essentially noise-free thanks to digital-based signal transmission.
  • Radio frequency (RF) systems are usually 900 MHz FM analog transmission and can reach throughout a typical home. However, as you get farther away from the transmitter you'll hear more hiss in the audio. With a 900mHz FM digital transmission, the audio remains clear as long as you stay within range. If you move out of base range, the signal can waver or drop-out entirely.
  • KLEER™ delivers full CD resolution (uncompressed) audio transmission and is presently used by Sennheiser and a few other manufacturers for their larger  TV-oriented wireless headphones. Kleer is among the best sounding wireless methods and offers good distance range.
  • DSSS digital audio transmission is employed by Sony and a few other makers. It is also one of the clearest wireless transmission methods.
  • Infra-red systems use an invisible red light like a TV remote control; they are limited to one room and line-of-sight reception and typically suffer from poor audio signal quality. We do not stock any infra-red wireless systems here at headphone.com