Random, Fun, and Silly Pictures from Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF 2009)

I sure had a good time walking around the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, and I sure had a good time taking pictures.  Sometimes you can see it.

Here's my buddy Phil, he helped us with some bags at HeadRoom early on.Ray's new amp is so small that even he has a hard time seeing it.Aman George enjoying his rig, and sharing it with others.Ooooo! Cool! Giant Killer audio kits to build DIY cables of various typesHooo boy! Jorge, our sales manager, loves this stuff.John Atkinson of Stereophile demonstrates the destruction of music through compresion. (Click pic for article.)Old's cool, baby! Jeff Jacobs refurbs Technics reel-to-reel decks. (Oh, please click on the pic to see his very cool decks.)After the show, all the headphone geeks went to get pizza. p1010873The JHAUDIO quintet +1 ready to munch.Okay everybody, JAZZHANDS!!!

 That's all I've got for the CanJam@RMAF 2009. A big thanks for the show, Jude, JP, and the crew at Head-Fi. A double big thanks to the RMAF for hosting us at what seems to be the premier Audiophile show in the U.S. these days. And a triple big thanks to Al for being such an inspiring guy. We'll have to do it again for you...I'm in.





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