Part 3: A Review of Four Compact Sealed Headphones: The AKG K81DJ.

We've sold many hundreds of the AKG K81DJ to hip-hoppers and urban music lovers the world over. Looks like there's no reason for them to be unhappy with their purchase.
[caption id="" align="alignright" width="198" caption="Available only in a durable rubberized battleship gray color scheme, the AKG K81DJ is a survivor. Rock on!"]Available only in a durable rubberized battleship gray color scheme, the AKG K81DJ is a survivor. Rock on![/caption] There were no surprises when we auditioned these great little headphones as they are one of our very favorite headphones to recommend. Utilitarian grey rubberized good looks go along well with these durable headphones' mission of choice: to bring happnin' tunes to college and high school students. Their folding feature works very well, though they're slighly larger than the FC700A or PX 200II when folded. And they're brilliantly durable and will survive term after term of backpack travel between dorm and library.
[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="298" caption="Frequency responce of the AKG K81DJ"]Frequency responce of the AKG K81DJ[/caption]As the name implies, they are also very good compact DJ cans with good earpad articulation and excellent performance when played loud.The audio quality of these headphones is right up there with the best in this review, but with a slightly mellower and full bodied sound. This is a very good headphone for taking a bit of the edge off harsh recordings and providing music that can be listened to hour after hour without fatigue. We really like these cans, and recommend them highly for the urban music listener.
Please visit HeadRoom’s website to purchase your AKG K81DJ with our Best Price Guarantee. On to the Sennheiser HD 228 ------> First page of this review is here.

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