Part 2: A Review of Four Compact Sealed Headphones: The Audio Technica ATH-FC700A.

With hundreds of headphones here at HeadRoom available for the tasting, every once in a while one floats through under the radar. Dang it! How'd I miss the Audio Technica ATH-FC700A. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="198" caption="The very good sounding ATH-FC700A also comes in a variety of colors."]The very good sounding ATH-FC700A also comes in a variety of colors.[/caption] I remember listening to it at CES a couple of years ago and recommending it as a headphone we should carry, but I guess I missed it's arrival here at the shop because had I spent more time with these little cans, they'd have been quite a bit closer to the tip of my tounge. These cans are very light weight and possibly a little fragile, but have a very effective way of folding up into a small size for storage in their included pouch for easy transport. Unfortunately, this same mechanism makes them a bit clumsy to pick up and put on when you first start using them.
[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="298" caption="Frequency response of the Audio Technica ATH-FC700A"]Frequency response of the Audio Technica ATH-FC700A[/caption]Fortunately all the fumbling goes away with time, and what remains is really surprisingly good sound. These headphones are slightly more lively sounding than either the PX 200-II or K81DJ overall, but also deliver plenty of wallop in the bass. The mid-range is remarkably flat and neutral making these a particularly good headphone for vocals and unamplified instruments at this price. All the folks here that participated in the listening tests were surprised how well these little cans held up to the competition, and we're very happy to offer a strong recommendation for these cans ... especially with acoustic music.
Please visit HeadRoom’s website to purchase your Audio Technica ATH-FC700A with our Best Price Guarantee. On to the AKG K81DJ ------> First page of this review is here.

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