Monster Invites HeadRoom to the Grammy’s!

Man, what a shindig! HeadRoom was graciously invited by Noel Lee and Monster Cable to Hollywood CA on January 27 for a Producers/Engineers Grammy Week event featuring the launch of Monster TurbinePRO Copper in-ear headphones. [/caption] The guest of honor was Island Records founder Chris Blackwell and the highlight of the evening was an acoustic performance by Daniel Lanois and Trixie Whitley's visionary new project, Black Dub. In attendance were Ivy Burford, HeadRoom's Marketing Manager, and, yours truly, Jorge Cervera HeadRoom Sales & Service Manager, escorted by Monster Sales Manager Courtney Sisson and Monster Sales Director Deena Ghazarian.


Courtney Sisson, a National Sales Monster, with Ivy and Jorge. Courtney is is great to work with, and an even better hostess. Thanks Courtney!
HeadRoom was asked by the Monster team to serve as industry representatives for their TurbinePRO earphones, their recently released in-ear monitors designed to deliver the most neutral timbral reproduction and accurate audio response possible in a single-driver armature. As one of the few experts who've been able to compare the TurbinePROs to a vast array of other in-ear products, our HeadRoom testimonial to the TurbinePRO's analytical clarity, dynamic range extension, and musical neutrality was key to Monster's presentation at this important event, which is held annually in support of the film & record industry's most well-known producers, recordists, and audio engineers.
Jorge demo'ing some incredible new software from Melodyne.[/caption] After a fabulous dinner at one of L.A.'s most chic watering holes, we wandered around the infamous Village Recorder Studios complex in West Hollywood gnoshing fine hors d'ouevres and sipping acai martinis while checking out all the new cutting-edge stuff happening in pro audio -- like the amazing Melodyne software program (proTools watch out!), the new gear from Vox Amplification & Guitars, or the re-issue of classic Linn electro drums. Of course, it was Monster's room that seemed the most consistently packed to the rafters as musicians like Jackson Browne, Jimmy Jam, Blondie Chaplin from The Rolling Stones, and 'monstrous' Steely Dan/Michael Jackson drummer Ricky Lawson communed with Monster founder Noel Lee and listened to the TurbinePRO earphones. Celebrities or not, all who got a chance to spend some ear time with the TurbinePro seemed transported to that place where music remains as pure as the artists intended it.
A kind thanks from HeadRoom to all at Monster for their wonderful headphones and superb hospitality!
The Monsters sure knows how to throw a party!

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