RMAF Excitement

We’re excited about CanJam at RMAF this year! Sure, because it’s a show and we’ll be there, but also because we’re going to be shooting video before and during to bring you some cool insights into HeadRoom and the RMAF venue. We’ll include footage of ourselves, vendors at the show, and hopefully some industry vets who are up for a brief chat. Jude and J.P. will likely give us a few choice words as well. Mike Brannon, or “Mic-B” as he’s officially known, is new to the team at HeadRoom in 2010 and is pretty talented with a camera amongst other things— so we’re going to give him some rope. He’s been behind our recent “HeadRoom Cribs” videos and has some fun and creative ideas we hope to continue implementing. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="203" caption="Jorge and Jeremy helped out in the CanJam Room last year at RMAF"][/caption] We’ll be sending Jorge, Jamey, Ben and Mike down to Denver for the show. Jamey, Ben and Mike will cowboy up (thanks guys!) and hit the road in the HeadRoom van to take our gear down—a 10 ½ hour drive from Bozeman. So as not to be gone so long, and to ensure our Sales & Service team doesn’t feel bitter about being short two guys for so long, Jorge gets to fly—lucky Jorge. So if you’re at the show, be sure to stop in and say hello to our crew and have a listen to some sweet headphone rigs. At the very least, stay tuned here and on our main site as this is coming up quick! On a different note, so hard to believe the holidays are almost upon us! Seems to come faster every year. The holiday season is HeadRoom’s peak and we’re definitely taking a collective deep breath, getting ready. The craziness begins on Thanksgiving (orders literally took off last year during the pumpkin pie) and lasts through Christmas—we love it. We’re expecting a season about on par with last year and that seems to be the general consensus in the retail world right now. Look for our holiday and pre-holiday promotions to make those new headphones for you and yours even more enticing. We always enjoy hearing from you so drop us a line! All the best, Travis Go to our video page for current links and threads!

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