Headphone Sessions 9/21/2011: Ultimate Ears Roundup

After a few years absence, Ultimate Ears are back at HeadRoom. We’ve recently brought on four new in-ear models: the UE350 ($49.99), UE500 ($69.99), UE600 ($99.99) and the dual-driver UE700 ($149.99). The ergonomics of these models have come a long way from the bulky and difficult-fitting and designs, and we’re pleased to offer them as comfortable, “low-profile” recommendations for those needing an in-ear that will fit comfortably under a beanie or helmet. Out of the four models, the cheapest and most expensive seem to be the stand-out performers. While the UE500 and UE600 both compete with other offerings in their price range, we found the UE350 and UE700 to be spectacular bangs-for-the-buck. The UE350 stood out due to the level of smooth clarity maintained through the mid and high frequencies, while presenting a full, strong, thumpin’ bass that will satisfy both bass heads and the bass lovers who still want to hear the rest of the presentation. [caption id="attachment_2212" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="Ultimate Ears UE350"]Ultimate Ears UE350[/caption] The UE700 is a dual-driver, in-ear headphone, which is unheard of for $150. The dedicated low and high drivers provide a depth of sound that is really unparalleled at this price point, which sets the UE700 apart from most earphones within $50-$150. The next dual-driver product we carry is the Shure SE 425, a $300 headphone. Granted, the UE700 doesn’t match the clarity, resolution and tonal accuracy of the SE 425, but it’s not a huge jump in quality. There is a slight crossover issue somewhere in the lower mids of the UE700 that caught our ear, but it’s certainly nothing that takes away from the overall good sound and value of these headphones. The UE700 also falls into the “low-profile” category, providing excellent sound for active listeners trying to squeeze their tunes under their headgear. [caption id="attachment_2213" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="Ultimate Ears UE700"]Ultimate Ears UE700[/caption] All of these offerings from Ultimate Ears come with a great assortment of tips, including small, medium and large, as well as XXS and XS for small ears. With the exception of the UE 350, all models also include a set of Comply foam tips which we found to enhance the sound nicely, providing a tighter, punchier bass response and much better isolation. We also tried a pair of the Comply tips with the UE350, but found it muddied the presentation, bloating the already strong bass response. Since we found the UE350 to be a good value, HeadRoom will also be adding the UE350 vi, which includes an in-line mic and 3-button control for use with the iPhone. Stay tuned! For more information give HeadRoom a call at 800-828-8184. As always, there is a headphone geek waiting patiently by the phone for your call, armed with an arsenal of headphone knowledge and ready to answer any question you might have about Ultimate Ears or any other headphone.

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