Golden Ratio Ear Speakers - Cardas EM 5813 Model 1

It has been nearly four years since I first talked to George Cardas about his new earphone and our initial listening impressions were very positive but brief. I was just handed a pair fresh off the production line at T.H.E. Show Newport. Naturally, I couldn't wait to open the box and have a long listen. So, I rushed my hotel room, fired off a couple photo's with my iPhone and plugged them in. Immediately, I was immersed in Willie Nelson's Heroes album and lost track of my focus in writing this post to share the good news with you. At T.H.E. Show during a panel discussion about headphones and the challenges in designing them, it became obvious that George spared no expense in developing his flagship ear speaker, the EM (Ear Mirror) 5813. The Ear Mirror design is a reflection of George's belief in the Golden Ration. A brief summary is on the back of the package. Cardas EM 5813 in package[quote]The hearing system, musical chords and these Ear Speakers are reflections of the Golden Ratio. EM5813 mirrors the human cochlea and tympanic membrane.[/quote]   Hmm, well how do they sound? Quite simply, awesome! Cardas states in the manual that when new, your Cardas EM5813 Ear Speakers will require many hours of break-in before reaching their full potential. While we know this to be true of almost every headphone, usually you can get a pretty good idea of the sonic signature of a headphone immediately. Most headphones sound smoother and more even after a break in period. The EM5813 sound great right out of the box and I only expect them to get better. I haven't even made it through a full album yet but what I've heard so far puts a big smile on my face. I'll be sure to compare them to other models when I return to HeadRoom next week. The Cardas Ear Speakers are terminated with a right angle plug and use Cardas Clear Light Headphone Cable, with Matched Propagation technology, made by Cardas in Connecticut & California. Two pair of ear tips are included, one soft and one firm for your comfort and sound preferences. A slider connecting the left and right cables slides up and down to improve fit and control cable microphonics. Cardas recommends occasional degaussing, using the Cardas Clarifier App for iOS and Android devices. As of today you can buy Cardas EM 5813 Ear Speakers at HeadRoom.

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