Shifting Focus

Dear HeadRoom fans, We're happily settling into our new location and getting back to our normal work flow. HeadRoom-store-pano Now we can get back to focusing on our future which has a few changes in store for us. The biggest announcement in this blog post is that we are discontinuing our current line of HeadRoom Electronics products. So, get some while you can. While this has been a tough decision for us to come to terms with, we know what we need to do. Over the last few years we have seen a substantial growth in the headphone amplifier and DAC market. With so many well designed and technologically advanced products out there, we have found that our customers now have many more options to choose from for their ideal headphone system. Regardless of brand name, our goal is to get it Right Between Your Ears. To better serve you we are expanding our retail offerings to include headphone amps and DAC's from a variety of new vendors. In addition to some of the fine brands we already support such as Grace Design, SPL, Centrance, and FiiO, we recently added HeadAmp Audio Electronics and High Resolution Technologies to our store. You can expect to see more amps and dac's from manufacturers such as V-MODA, ALO Audio, Burson Audio, Audio Quest, and others. Finally, we're anxiously waiting for a personal visit from our Sennheiser representative who will be bringing along one of the new Sennheiser HDVD 800 'symmetrical' headphone amps. While the term 'symmetrical' may be new to some in regards to headphone amps, the technology is something we have long believed in for the best sounding headphone system. Our BlockHead was the worlds first balanced headphone amp so naturally we're eager to have a listen. Beyond just listening, we are in the process of improving our graph tools to include headphone amp measurements. You can expect to see more progress on amp measurements this summer. Finally, we've made a few updates to the blog and turned comments back on so you can post your thoughts. I'm curious what you'd like to see from HeadRoom in terms of products, improvements to our measurement tools and test lab, or anything you'd like to see HeadRoom do to improve our service to you. We have a few projects in the works but I'd love to hear what you think we can do to get it Right Between Your Ears.

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