AudioQuest PowerQuest 3 8 Outlet Surge Protector & Power Filter

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Key Features
  • Superior Picture and Sound
  • 8 Outlets
    • 2x 4K/8K Video Optimized Ultra-Linear Filter Outlet
    • 2x High-Current Outlet
    • 4x Ultra-Linear Filter Outlets
  • Directionally Optimized Concentric-Geometry AudioQuest Power Cord
  • Non-Sacrificial Surge Protection
    • Doesn’t Fail, Never Needs Replacement
    • Unlimited Joule Rating
    • $1,000,000 Connected Equipment Warranty
  • Versatile
    • 4x High-Speed USB Charging Ports
    • Single Line Protection: Phone – Network - Cable/Satellite
    • Fits Tight Spaces

When buying high-quality gear, you always want to make sure that gear is protected to the best of your abilities. Now some of you may be risk takers and enjoy plugging your $1000+ set-up into a 10$ Amazon power bar and if that's thrilling for you, so be it. But for others that want to protect their precious gear from an equipment destroying power surge and add some extra performance to their system without shelling out a ton of cash, the brand new AudioQuest PowerQuest 3 is the perfect power line conditioner and surge protector. AudioQuest has their Niagara series which is a great series but its definitely not the most affordable. But with their brand new PowerQuest 2 and PowerQuest 3, AudioQuest is providing excellent protection and performance for a fraction of the cost.