Final Audio Design D8000

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Check out Andrew Park's (@Resolve) review of the Final Audio D8000 as part of the HEADPHONE Community Preview Program

You can also check out Andrew Park's (Resolve Reviews) video review here:

The D8000 from Final Audio Design is Final Audio's first pair of headphones with planar magnetic drivers as well as Final's first pair of open-back headphones. The D8000 has that sweet, sweet planar bass that people have come to expect from the likes of Audeze and the premium design and feel that you have come to expect from Final Audio. We are expecting the D8000 to easily slide right in among the best planar magnetic flagships in the industry.

While we haven't had the chance to spend time with the final production unit yet as they haven't launched in North America yet, the unit that we did hear was fantastic. Bass is well layered and textured, with the lows reaching very deep. Mids are transparent and detailed without much color making them seem rather neutral. The only area that was a little lacking is the treble as the D8000 can be described as a bit laid-back. There aren't any treble peaks here that will make your ears bleed!

In comparison to other high-end headphones, the D8000 is fairly efficient meaning you aren't going to need an astronomically-priced system to get full value out of them. From what we heard, the D8000's soundstage isn't quite as wide as the HD 800S (pretty hard to hit that level) but it is still very expansive with excellent imaging. With that said though, the D8000 completely outshines the HD 800S from a musical standpoint. They provide an emotional, almost euphoric warmth when listening to them that the HD 800S simply can't deliver.