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A New Chapter in Headphone Technology

Starting 2020 off with a bang, Headphones.ca is thrilled to be carrying the brand new HEDDphone. The HEDDphone from HEDD Audio introduces the first full range Air Motion Transformer (AMT) headphones to audiophiles and recording artists worldwide. The Air Motion Transformer is an electrodynamic transducer that allows to move air significantly faster than common voice coil, magnetostatic (planar magnetic) or electrostatic systems. Their traditional piston-like movement is overcome by a folded diaphragm that squeezes out air four times faster: A breakthrough for capturing more details in a musical recording.

The HEDDPhone has been the subject of a lot of hype in audiophile circles around the world and I can confidently say it was with good reason. The HEDDphone is a game-changer, offering flagship-level performance for well below flagship cost.
      -Taron Lissimore, Headphones.com


30 years ago HEDD CEO and Chief Engineer Klaus Heinz designed the first compact and marketable AMT tweeter based on Oskar Heil’s original Air Motion Transformer invention. Since then he has increased its sonic quality in several fundamental revisions. The 2019 version of the AMT can be heard in HEDD´s innovative Series ONE studio monitor line.

Recently Heinz has focused on developing a full range Air Motion Transformer to break new grounds for this superior transducer principle. In order to reproduce the complete audible frequency band (and beyond), the HEDDphone® incorporates VVT® (pat. pending). VVT® introduces a new diaphragm geometry that expands the AMT principle to a linear full range (10Hz–40kHz) headphone transducer. It replaces the fixed geometric structure of conventional AMT drivers as the folds vary both in width and depth.

The HEDDphone® introduces a fourth transducer technology. It brings the enormous dynamic capabilities and the superior sonic resolution of the AMT principle to the world of top-end headphones. HEDDphone® excels where it really matters: in accurate, untamed, and touching music reproduction.


I'm absolutely blown away by how well the HEDDphone performs, both from a technical capabilities perspective and a frequency response perspective. This is clearly a new benchmark for detail retrieval, speed, and soundstage, with a true speaker-like presentation of the images. Importantly, the HEDDphone's tonality is also extremely well-balanced, leaning slightly brighter than the Harman target, reminiscent of the Focal Utopia but with better bass extension below 60hz. The rest of the frequency response is also fairly linear with mids that come through with exceptional clarity. Thankfully, there's also no sibilance throughout the consonant range at 8.5khz, so there's no harshness or grain, and there's ample air quality above 11khz. So in some ways this is one of the best tonalities I've come across, coupled with groundbreaking technical performance. For anyone comfortable with a headphone that's slightly on the heavy side, this gets my complete recommendation.
-Andrew Park (@ResolveReviews)

Technical Specifications

Design Open over ear headphone with Air Motion Transformer
Efficiency 87 dB SPL for 1 mW
Impedance 42 Ω
Weight 718 g
Cable Headphone Termination Mini XLR
Cable Amp-side Termination 1/4"