Naim DAC-V1 DAC & Headphone Amplifier

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The new Naim DAC-V1 is perfectly optimized for modern digital listening. DAC-V1’s single-ended class-A headphone amplifier affords it added versatility. The output stages of this amplifier are kept as pure as possible, ensuring outstanding sound quality for headphone listening. The DAC-V1 is now DSD compatible and able to play 64 and 128 files; the upgrade required significant optimization of the core DSP code which has also improved sound quality.

Asynchronous USB Explained

Digital audio isn’t just about the data – 0s and 1s – and ensuring that each samplevalue is accurately converted into acorresponding output voltage. Also vital toachieving the highest fidelity is ensuring thateach successive sample is reproduced ata precise time interval from those around it.If that time interval varies – an effect knownas jitter – then the output waveform willbe distorted. To prevent this, the masterclock that controls the process should,ideally, be placed right next to the digitalto analogue converter circuitry, not remotefrom it. Asynchronous mode USB providesfor this because it allows data to be ‘pulled’from the source as required, whereas inother modes the data is ‘pushed’ down theinterface under control of the far inferior anddistant clock in the computer.

World Class Headphone Amplifier

The single-ended Class-A headphone amplifier of the DAC-V1 cleverly uses the pre-amp output amplifier for headphone drive. The moment headphones are plugged in, the output current drive is automatically turned up five times to give dynamic drive for all headphone impedances. The amplifier runs from a high voltage power supply so has the ability to drive high impedance headphones with the voltage swing they require for open and dynamic sound. The result is the audio stages are kept as simple and pure as possible for both normal and headphone modes.

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